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Tortured Tapes is proud to present a very fitting new tape release by Cellar Fluids. This debut album consists of 11 tales of horror-dripping death metal! Every song is written around a horror movie and includes tracks titled Charred Body Social Club, Murderous Motherly Doppelganger, and my favorite which you can probably guess what movie it is from… Septic Fecal Warriors!

This tape was duplicated onto all-black tapes with a minimal sticker design to heighten the horrifying songs that exist on it!

ENTER THE SEPTIC FOG on Friday, October 20th to purchase your spoils of torture.

🤢 Tortured Tapes #10
🤢 Limited to 30 copies
🤢 Cellar Solid Black Shells
🤢 Includes collectible card #10
🤢 Handmade and hand-numbered

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