Mulyfication - Feed



Tortured Tapes is proud to present the next international death metal collaboration with Deepswarming Bloodmagik from Ukraine.... the sophomore EP from Mulyfication titled "Feed". Over the course of the last few years, Mulyfication has pumped out a very sick list of releases but this EP specifically has not seen the light of day on physical formats... UNTIL NOW!

Mulyfication play a disgusting slab of death that just drips and oozes with putridity. Guitar tone that resembles 90's OSDM with the vocal tone and cadence of some of your favorite death doom bands. Echoing, haunting, and destructively groovy... Mulyfication is a DO NOT MISS band. Feed includes 4 original songs and one cover of Autopsy's song "Stillborn".

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🤢 Tortured Tapes #13
🤢 Limited to 30 copies
🤢 Magenta Innards Solid Shells
🤢 Includes collectible card #13
🤢 Handmade and hand-numbered

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