Necrotum - Dreamscape of the Ancients

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Available, Friday, December 1st (3PM CT)

Tortured Tapes is proud to bring Necrotum into the torture chamber! Hot off the release of their last full-length, Necrotum hit the studio to bang out a rotten new 4 song EP. Dreamscape of the Ancients was released last June and has finally made its way to the most collectible tape series in existence just in time to get you ready for their brand new full-length due out early next year.

Dreamscape of the Ancients is 4 songs of Romanian death metal including a cover of Necrophobic’s “Awakening”. Over 17 minutes of putrid riffs that feature Necrotum’s signature groove-laden melodies scorched with grave induced growls of infectious tone.

🤢 Tortured Tapes #14
🤢 Limited to 30 copies
🤢 Dreamscape Translucent Purple Shells
🤢 Artwork by Rebecca Melanie
🤢 Includes collectible card #14
🤢 Handmade and hand-numbered

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